Who is Matti Charlton?

For those who are curious about my background, here is a biography for me:

Matti Charlton is a candidate in the 2023 Toronto Mayoral Election.

They can be seen around town with their service dog, Quentin, often on their shoulder.

A life-long citizen of Toronto, Matti is autistic, queer and transgender and has experienced the highs and lows of living in Toronto: from homelessness and poverty to artistic success and community membership.

Matti is an advocate for mental health issues and poverty, especially homelessness and addiction.

Matti’s career has spanned a wide range of disciplines, from software development and art direction to fashion design, music production and writing.

They recently published their 12th album of electronic pop music, “Almost”, and their first fiction novel “Dendrome”. Matti also writes passionately about social issues and modern technology; most recently, with their book “Homelessness broke ChatGPT” casting a critical eye on the bias of the popular AI software. Matti has also written several children’s books and young adult novels.

Matti created the first transgender-owned underwear company in the world, Retromatti Athletics, in 2014, manufacturing the entire line from their apartment in downtown Toronto. The company expanded to provide digital artwork to craft makers during COVID-19.

Matti hopes to use the mayoral election in Toronto to bring attention to several key issues including homelessness, housing, mental health issues, and the decriminalization of / clean access to drugs.

I know I won’t win. But we need to talk about these issues. So let’s at least get started on it! Reach out to me on social media, let’s start a dialogue.

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  1. Hey MATTI!

    Keep up the amazing work!
    I LOVE seeing your representation.

    Although I do not agree with all of your campaigns, I genuinely appreciate seeing people try to work forward to create a better TORONTO.

    Happy Pride!

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